Music Lessons

We offer music lessons for a variety of student needs, including guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, voice, saxophone, harmonica, and others.  Like the owners of American Guitar Boutique, all our instructors are skilled working musicians, and have the ability to function as teachers, but also as mentors and advisors.   We recognize that playing the instrument is only part of the knowledge needed to be successful in the solo and ensemble performance environment, and we strive to provide a well-rounded, individualized approach.

AGB Lessons

Our current lessons hours are the same as our business hours:  Tues - Fri 10 am to 6 pm, and Sat 10 am to 5 pm.   Rates are $25.00 per 30-minute private lesson, payable one month in advance.   The student may choose to take as many pre-scheduled 30 minute segments per month as they wish.   Although regularly-scheduled students receive priority, ad hoc (walk-in) lessons are available at $35 per 30-minute segment, based on instructor availability.

To schedule lessons, or for questions, please call the store at (334) 560-5202, or drop by during business hours.

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